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Wedding, industrial, commercial, event, estate agent and panoramic photography

Wedding Photography

Event and Charity Ball Photography

Our affordable professional wedding, portrait, industrial, construction, commercial, event  and estate agent photography services cover Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, including Barton-upon-Humber, Brigg, Broughton, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham, Louth, Lincoln, Market Rasen, Gainsborough, Hull, Beverley, Winterton, Goole, Doncaster and as far afield as London, Glasgow and Ayr

Keith Mundell, Director of Mungoparkmarine & Project Manager EPMS

"Chris has done many photographic jobs for me as Project Engineer at Corus and never missed the often difficult requirements asked of him. Always with a professional attitude, obvious experience and a pleasure to work with."

Keith Walker  Group Director R&D Programmes

“Chris always worked with great enthusiasm, quickly and professionally, often in unusual conditions, and his results were always faultless.”

Wedding photography

Industrial, Construction and Commercial Photography

Industrial photographyConstruction photographyCommercial photography

Why expertise matters in the age of the selfie

This is the age of the selfie, when the camera phone has made it easy for anyone to take a photograph, right?

Sorry, but that just isn’t so. The difference between a photograph and a memorable photograph are the ingredients you can’t see, like an understanding of composition; how to pose the subjects; how to make light and shade work together to capture, for a lifetime, that most fleeting of moments, and to do it in a way the produces a picture you’ll never tire of looking at.

All of those things come under the heading of ‘professional experience’, and asking Chris Mimmack Photography  Ltd to take pictures for you means you’ll be tapping into 35 years of it, which come as standard with every picture I take.

If you’re happy with a DIY picture in which Grandma is only a little bit out of focus, and has her eyes shut (but it doesn’t matter because she’s almost in silhouette against the sunshine pouring through the window), go ahead; your phone will do that for you. If you’d like a portrait of her looking wonderful in her best outfit, created by a professional photographer, then give me a call. You’d be surprised at just how affordable my services can be – but it’s not really about the money is it? It’s about the value derived from the money you spend that’s really important.

Of course, 35 years’ experience in quality photography isn’t just about photographing Grandma; the Chris Mimmack Photography Ltd portfolio includes lots of wedding photography work, not to mention numerous other events, and pictures taken for industrial and business-specific commercial clients like estate agents.

After all, quality never goes out of style. Get in touch to see how I can help you.

Property photography for estate agents

Estate Agent Photography

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