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Industrial and commercial photography

And now, you’re the Art Director

You might not even realise it, but in your mind’s eye you can already see the end result you want from any kind of photographic project – but it’s a fair bet you don’t know how to unlock the idea and turn it into a photograph.

That’s where I come in. Over 35 years as a professional photographer I’ve learned lots of professional secrets (and even invented one or two). That means my work has involved just about every photographic discipline. I have qualifications in photgraphy, and I’ve taught it to others.

I’m well versed in :

All of that means that when I work for you, every project will start with a conversation about when you need, and what my pictures have to deliver for you. I’ll use my experience as a professional photographer to translate your vision into the reality you require.

The magic of the digital age means you can look at pictures as we go, and together we can tweak and adjust the shots until we get to perfection.

Remember, all of that comes at extremely competitive prices, and a quote for your work is completely free. Call me now to discuss what we can achieve together.

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